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Carina Shipping have been excelling in providing consultancy services for port activities with an extensive feasibility study and business module formation. We have been catering to various port-specific activities that are aimed at improving the economy of the state rather than only generating income. We work with a profit-partnership module in order to bring comprehensive development in economy. This is the reason why we have been sustainably servicing our clients from a wide spectrum of international maritime industry.

Port Management

As one of the most vital activities of maritime operations, we render consultation for extensive port management to our clients in both small and large scale operations. Be it a gateway port or transhipment port or even an industrial pillar port. We have gathered expertise in managing free zones, green fields and brown filed developments. With an extensive support for cost and feasibility study of green field and brown field ports, we render the best consultation in managing various ports.

We offer consultation and strategic support for:

  • Defining the Role of the Port and the best operating module
  • Develop port-centric logistic capabilities
  • Restructuring & port management
  • Concession Agreements & negotiations
  • Operating Procedures
  • Development Plans
  • Creating a feasible economic zone for all port-related activities and smooth functioning
  • Development of lifecycle integrated logistic cycle solutions
  • Maintenance of maritime assets
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Support for sale, purchase, repair and maintenance of port moving assets such as marine units, mobile cranes and other mobile cargo handling equipment
  • Physical management of activities within the parameters of the port

A Complete Ship Management Solution from A Dynamic Company:

With the vivid growth of maritime activities and integrated shipping solutions, we at Carina Shipping are offering a complete Ship Management Services with our expert crew and experienced staff. Our management team brings to the company a long and successful track record of managing shipping activities across various segments of the maritime industry.

Our services include:

  • Cost-effective Ship Management: We appraise and evaluate the most effective models of managing ships, both for small and large shipping organizations in order to find the most cost-effective solutions for their business model. We provide extensive consultancy so as to reduce the overheads and improve functional abilities for a better business performance.
  • Technical & Crewing: We offer coherent solutions for shipping companies for manning of their vessels. Technical management of a fleet is considered as one of the most vital concern for any shipping corporation. We provide detailed ground-plan for shore based and ship based technical & crewing management systems to enable our clients to work smart and achieve more.
  • Commercial Management: At Carina Shipping we offer comprehensive commercial management for all type of ships. We offer commercial management services with voyage estimates, freight collection, lay-time and hire statements, charter party dispute resolution, insurance claim handling and tonnage selection.
  • Offshore support ships/ Offshore Ship management: Our management team has extensive experience in the management of various types of offshore support ships including Dive Support, Anchor Handlers , Supply, Work Boats and others.
  • Dry Docking , Ship Repair and Re-fit Activities (Small & Large): We offer full solutions to our clients from budgeting, specification, selection of ship repair facility, to supervision and final invoice negotiation.

Carina Shipping offers an extra-edge to shipping companies venturing into new waters. Not only the newly established shipping companies, but also to the established players, we offer full-proof solutions in terms of technical and commercial management of ships and its maritime operations. Any successful ship management requires a uniform blend of competence, planning, system, crew, personnel, and the right experience. We render comprehensive services that help our clients to effectively manage their ships accessing their maritime requirements and offering them cognitive solutions for management of commercial aspects of shipping. We help our clients to find the best commercially viable ships tailored to meet specific shipping requirements.

Technical Management:

We offer complete technical assistance that is vital for technical management of the ships in various maritime zones. We are committed to provide the highest international standards of technical management. Our services range from ship inspection to ship evaluation, ship operation, crewing, dry-docking, ship repair and major refit as well as ship maintenance. We offer management solutions that are suitable for obtaining smart and efficient crews onboard, run the ship cost-effectively and offer all technical consultation in terms of maritime regulations as well as shore and ship based operations.

Our technical management consultancy includes:

  • Supervision of all technical aspects of shipping for both small and large carriers, gas carriers, container carriers, bulk carriers, crude oil & product carriers, and cargo ships.
  • Appointment of crews at different levels as per competency and requirement
  • Supporting preparation of vessel inspection reports
  • Monitoring of vessel performance and consistent supervision
  • Dry-dock repairs as well as preventive maintenance monitoring & supervision
  • Supervision of Oil sampling and lube testing
  • Handling of insurance claims and processes
  • Supervision of inventory and purchases
  • Planning budgets and financial control

Be it any technical aspect of commercial shipping, we render a complete peace of mind while managing the operations for multi-type ships and carriers.

We also offer an extensive service for commercial management of ships through maritime procedures. We extend support in establishing coordination between owners, firms, consortiums with the ships with full support from flag endorsement, registration to certifications and maritime permissions. We extend support for:

  • Appointment of Ship Agents
  • Issuing shipping and voyage instructions
  • Voyage cost estimation
  • Freight management
  • Chartering negotiation with owners and brokers
  • Arranging survey of cargos, tankers and carriers
  • Multi-level liasoning with regard to Freight Demurrage and Defence Association
  • Support for change of flags for various vessels and international carriers/ cargos
  • Assist owners in an independent evaluation and getting the best value for their assets ashore and offshore

We offer a complete range of technical and commercial management of ships abiding maritime regulations. For more information and explanations we are always available for listening.

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